You Need Shipping Software For Your Business. Here’s Why!

The business world has become an automated place, whether it is retail, wholesale, or industrial. Naturally, this means that packaging and shipping have become automated as well. As the industry of shipping continues to change, automation has changed with it. Now, there are some extraordinary shipping software services available that save time, money, and headaches. But what do they do, and how can they save you money?

Shipping software saves time

You will no longer need to sit at a computer for hours, painstakingly printing each packing label individually. With shipping software, after doing a simple barcode scan you are printing hundreds of labels without having to type in a single address. This will free you to do what you do best–grow your business!

Shipping software saves money

Shipping software automatically finds the most economical shipping options for you. By scanning all the major carriers, you save the most money without spending hours entering each parcel’s information on every website.

Shipping software simplifies international sales

Do you ship internationally? If not, do you want to start? Either way, shipping software makes it easy! Labels, customs forms, and tracking are all centralized in the process, making international shipping just as simple as domestic packages.

Shipping software interfaces with your hardware

The latest and best shipping software allows for barcode scanners and scales to be directly interfaced. So if you have packages of varying weights, you can quickly and easily get them weighed, labeled, scanned, and out the door. You can build barcode templates for items with identical packaging, so whenever you ship that item you can simply scan the barcode and the correct shipping will be automatically printed.

Shipping software manages tracking

After packaging, your customers will be automatically notified that the parcel has been shipped and provide them with the tracking number so they can keep apprised of its progress to them. If you need access to that tracking number yourself and you can access it from your work computer or through your mobile phone if you need the number on the go!

Shipping software manages returns

Everyone wants his or her package to be perfect, every time. But that simply doesn’t happen, and on the rare occasions where there is a problem, you want the process to be as smooth for your customer (and yourself) as possible. Shipping software has return management features that make the process fast and simple, leaving your customers happy despite the issue.

Shipping software simplifies bookkeeping

In addition to not needing to supervise the printing process, automated shipping reduces tedious bookkeeping work. With simple, customizable reporting tools, you will have all the information you need at your fingertips. This information transfers easily to your bookkeeping software, reducing hours of data entry.

With all of these features, shipping software has become just as important to businesses as the personal computer did a generation ago. It is the innovation that can singlehandedly move your business from the 20th century into the 21st. What are you waiting for?


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