ShipLeap Set to Launch Four51 Integration

Four51 customers will soon be able to implement the ShipLeap shipping solution to lower their shipping costs and create time efficiencies within their shipping and CSR departments.

By installing ShipLeap, Four51 customers can:

· Take advantage of ShipLeap’s live shipping cost comparison solution

· Import contact information from Four51

· Print labels for USPS, UPS, Fedex and most major carriers through one single interface

· Write back marked-up shipping charges to corresponding invoices along with tracking information

· Allow customers to track their packages through branded emails and cross selling messages

“Partnering with Four51 is a big step forward for ShipLeap” says Michael Tan, ShipLeap CEO. “By partnering with Four51, ShipLeap can help e-commerce businesses streamline their shipping processes.” When asked what’s next for ShipLeap, Tan responded, “ShipLeap is in a constant state of growth. Our team is adding customers through marketing partnerships, such as Four51. The future looks bright.”

About ShipLeap

ShipLeap is a multi-carrier shipping solution designed to streamline the shipping departments of businesses of all sizes to save time and lower costs.

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