Printer’s Plan Chooses ShipLeap as Preferred Shipping Solution

Successful business partnerships begin and flourish when each partner recognizes the value each
organization brings to the table.

Growing Through Partnerships to Manage Your Business

Every business is looking to grow. Truth be told, without growth, your business is slowly dying.

As all smart business owners know, growth comes in many forms, from growing your top-line sales to reducing expenses. With that in mind, ShipLeap reached out to Printer’s Plan management team to learn more about their users, asking questions such as:

• How are multiple individual shipping departments handling the shipping process?
• What business volume is hand delivered vs. shipped by a common carrier?
• Can an integrated shipping solution reduce the financial burden on individual franchise owners?

As expected, answers varied due to the individual nature of each franchisee’s business. But what stood out, based on shipping volume and time analysis, was that a custom integrated shipping solution can benefit most franchisees.

Armed with that analysis, ShipLeap immediately began working with Printer’s Plan to develop an API that would allow each other’s software to communicate with one another. Once ShipLeap’s integration with Printer’s Plan MIS system was completed, ShipLeap was able to “read” Printer’s Plan invoices. The benefits were immediately apparent:

• Client info, name, and address were immediately bridged into ShipLeap, reducing input time and
eliminating typographical errors.
• Comparison shopping of shipping rates on a single platform reduced time and lowered expenses.
• Shipping expenses were automatically charged back to the client on the invoice.
• Branded tracking messages were automatically sent to the client through every step of the delivery

Going forward, both partners will maintain an ongoing evaluation of the software, to make improvements that benefit the franchisees. Recognizing that shifting the burden of shipping expertise from the print shop owner to ShipLeap will allow small business owners to focus on their core business. “Franchisee success equals ShipLeap success,” says Michael Tan, ShipLeap CEO.

“We are looking forward to fully integrating ShipLeap into Printer’s Plan. Along with the recent launch of Print Reach Pay, these changes indicate our dedication to the success of our franchisees,” says Adam Witek, Director of Customer Experience, Print Reach.

About Printer’s Plan: For over 30 years, Printer’s Plan, MIS for Printers, has been helping over 2,500 printers worldwide run their businesses efficiently. Printer’s Plan allows printers to estimate jobs, track inventory, track existing orders through the manufacturing process, and manage invoicing for a complete turnkey solution for commercial printers of all sizes. Printer’s Plan has recently become its own payment processor with the launch of Print Reach Pay, offering fully integrated payment features within the software at highly competitive rates for their franchisees.

About ShipLeap: A relative newcomer to the shipping solution industry, ShipLeap has made an immediate impact on the commercial printing vertical by integrating with Printer’s Plan, PrintSmith, Four51, several printing franchise chains, as well as individual print shop owners. ShipLeap was designed as a fast, lean, desktop app, compared to cloud based shipping apps that rely on internet load speeds that slow their apps down. This saves time and money for printers everywhere.

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