ShipLeap Brings the Lowest USPS Rates to Every Business

Like death and taxes, business owners have become used to the fact that every January, the United States Postal Service is going to raise their rates. And just as expected, the other shipping services will follow suit. Business owners, in turn, need to raise theirs – either by charging more for shipping or cleverly disguising the increase in a price hike for goods and services. It would be nice if, just once, there were a way to adjust for this without shaking up the entire business model. If there were some way that would account for the increase that not only eliminates the higher overhead, but might even increase profits or allow the business to keep their rates static for several years. With ShipLeap’s Commercial Plus Pricing, now there is.

What is Commercial Plus Pricing?

Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) through ShipLeap is a way for businesses of any size to take advantage of the bulk discounts usually reserved for large corporations, regardless of how much or how little postage the user needs. Typically, USPS requires 50,000 priority mail pieces by the end of the year to qualify for this pricing. By eliminating the minimums for receiving the discount, the deepest cuts on postage are made accessible to everyone in business, right down to the smallest sole-proprietorship. This makes ShipLeap an exceptional choice for all your business shipping needs. How does CPP through ShipLeap work? Typically, only large corporations with substantial shipping volumes get the best shipping rates. But when you ship using our service, your parcels are combined with hundreds of other customers, allowing ShipLeap to meet those minimum volumes and pass the savings on to you. You’re doing the shipping, while ShipLeap becomes the bulk shipper.

How Can the Lowered Cost be Passed on?

Because of the savings from using ShipLeap’s service, you can avoid the unpleasant annual expense increase that usually passes through in either shipping or product cost. The expense reduction can result in a small income spike. This reduction can increase profits or stretch out the time before another increase in end cost. For example, if the shipping cost increases by 5%, but ShipLeap saves you 10%, that 5% difference from shipping costs can be used as revenue or kept to defer the inevitable moment that shipping cost increases beyond the amount allotted for in your pricing. You can kick the can further down the street for one or more annual price increase. Ultimately, the decision for how to respond to higher shipping costs is up to you. But a discount on everything you ship using ShipLeap’s CPP service is a good start toward increasing your company’s solvency and profitability.

Streamline Your Shipping

ShipLeap focuses on smart shipping and maximizing savings. Without the right technology, it’s impractical to connect to MIS systems and check various carrier rates live—particularly for companies that do high-volume shipping. We can connect to over 100 carriers, with USPS  one of many choices available to you.

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