How to Reduce Shipping Costs

Successful businesses look beyond increasing sales to grow a business; they focus on lowering necessary expenses to increase profit margins. An often overlooked area is the shipping department. Seen as a necessity, businesses assume UPS and Fedex are free to charge what they will and simply accept the fact. Well, you don’t need to accept it; there is a better answer to the question “how do I reduce shipping costs?”

The Secret to Reducing Shipping Cost

Competing in the era of “free shipping from Amazon” calls for some out of the box thinking. Beyond negotiating rates with your UPS and FedEx sales representatives, the secret to reducing shipping costs and keeping up with the competition comes down to one word: technology.

Technology doesn’t have to be intimidating; many great tools have been developed specifically with small to medium sized businesses in mind. The process includes creating software that is easy to understand, easy to install, and easy to use.

If software developers create software that does all this, plus saves  money and time, wouldn’t that answer the question of how you can reduce your shipping cost? There are several shipping software solutions that already exist, with each having their strengths and weaknesses.

Many have robust features, such as auto-identifying the optimal size box to ship, calculating shipping using your UPS or FedEx account, and weighing and labeling your shipping package.

Unfortunately, many are too complex, require customization, and almost all of them are financially out of reach for the average small business. Although they offer robust features, many businesses cannot justify the investment.

Introducing ShipLeap – The Shipping Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

Let’s face it, your company needs a shipping software solution to save you money. You need shipping software that is:

· Affordable – For  companies that ship 300 or more packages monthly, average savings offset ShipLeap’s monthly fee.

· Easy to Understand – Most clients are up and running within minutes of connecting their scale and label printer. Simply follow ShipLeap’s short installation video.

· Ease to Use – Place your package on the scale, enter the box dimensions, and select the  address from your connected MIS system. ShipLeap gives you instant live pricing from major shipping carriers like UPS, FedEx, USPS, and others.

· Dependable – With a 30 day free trial offer, ShipLeap is a trusted partner that small businesses have come to rely on.

Ready for the next step? Ask for a free, no pressure, personalized software demonstration.

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