UPS Investing in Electric Vehicles

UPS has announced that it has entered into an investment partnership with the UK-based EV startup Arrival. The company said that they have already ordered 10,000 electric delivery vans from the startup in a bid to electrify their fleet.

When they first showcased the vehicle in 2017, Arrival described it as “revolutionary ultra-lightweight composite materials designed to significantly reduce the size of the vehicle.”

The startup company said that they improved the maximum range to weight ratio (for inner-city deliveries together with battery packs) to  enable a range of 100 miles on 7.5, 6 and 3.5-tonne trucks. Arrival said that they were going to put “a battery range of more than 150 miles for the UPS trucks.”

Recently, Hyundai made a $100 million investment in Arrival. UPS appears to have been pleased with their earlier collaboration with the startup and has promised to make even bigger deals in the coming years.

This is a clear indication of how major corporations are interested in investing in electric cars. The investment puts Arrival on the map as one of the fastest-growing startups in the UK.

Founder and CEO of Arrival, Denis Sverdlov welcomed the partnership with UPS saying that the company had become more than just a partner.

“UPS has become our strategic partner, offering vital insights on how electric vans function on the Road. Our teams have been collaborating to create tailor-made electric cars with regard to our skateboard platforms – that is in line with the needs of UPS, such as driving, loading/offloading and back-office operations. Today’s investment and order of vehicles is a clear sign of a strong relationship that exists between our company and UPS. We are pleased with this collaboration and will and promise to continue working together,” said Sverdlov  in a statement.

For his part,  President of UPS Global Fleet Maintenance & Engineering Carlton Rose expressed his joy about the collaboration with Arrival. He said that his company was impressed by Arrival and wanted to have a long business relationship with them.

“Our transformation strategy at UPS is directly connected to the investment and partnership with Arrival. The vehicles we have ordered will be among the best and world’s most advanced for package delivery. I am sure that our partnership will continue to grow and strengthen in the coming years,” said  Rose in a statement.

The deal is among UPS’s latest electrification efforts in the United States. The company’s other electrification moves include the conversion of up to 1,500 delivery trucks into battery-electric in New York City. In addition to their deal with  Arrival, UPS has also ordered 1,000 electric vans from Workhorse.

Electric vehicles are becoming popular in the U.S. because of their environmental-friendly aspect. Most companies are trying to move away from operations that contribute to climate change. It seems UPS has decided to take on a leadership role  when it comes to electric vehicles.

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